My Novels

NEW! In League with Mr. Darcy  Elizabeth never meant to fall for Mr. Darcy. The man is an absolute ogre! Or is he? Love, laughter, and matchmaking mishaps abound!

As Only Mr. Darcy Can: Elizabeth and Darcy and Wickham–oh my! A feel-good Regency romp with our favorite Pride and Prejudice friends

So This Is Love : a delightful Regency romantic adventure, featuring Charlotte Lucas

Darcy By Any Other Name : the lighthearted Pride and Prejudice body-swap romance

Mercy’s Embrace Trilogy : A Persuasion-based Regency romance in three parts

A Very Austen Christmas, A Very Austen Valentine , and A Very Austen Romance, with Robin Helm, Wendi Sotis, Barbara Cornthwaite, and others

Sir Walter Elliot’s laughably awful advice (eBook): Marrying Well for Fun & Profit

In case you’re wondering, my fiction is for everyone, even teens.


Join me at Beyond Austen this summer as I work on In Want of a Wife, my novella for our 2022anthology, A Very Austen Noel


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