My Novels

As Only Mr. Darcy Can: Elizabeth and Darcy and Wickham–oh my! A feel-good Regency romp with our favorite Pride and Prejudice friends

So This Is Love : a delightful Regency romantic adventure, featuring Charlotte Lucas

Darcy By Any Other Name : the lighthearted Pride and Prejudice body-swap romance

Mercy’s Embrace Trilogy : A Persuasion-based Regency romance in three parts

A Very Austen Christmas, A Very Austen Valentine , and A Very Austen Romance, with Robin Helm, Wendi Sotis, Barbara Cornthwaite, and others

Sir Walter Elliot’s laughably awful advice (eBook): Marrying Well for Fun & Profit

In case you’re wondering, my fiction is for everyone, even teens.


Join me at Beyond Austen as I work on Mama Knows Best, my novella for our 2021 anthology, A Very Austen Noel

During the summer of 2021, I will be working on a new Elizabeth and Darcy romance, Too Marked to be Mistaken.


Cat graphic courtesy of Karen’

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