Darcy By Any Other Name

The lightning strike Darcy remembers. And the horror of waking up in Reverend Collins’ body. But the last thing Darcy ever expects to find … is love.

Wonder of wonders, adorable Elizabeth Bennet is falling for him; a man would have to be blind to miss the signs. Without rank, fortune, or even good looks, she likes him.

And yet Darcy cannot return her affection—not like this! Not as that bumbling idiot Collins!

Except that Darcy is not an idiot, is he? The inner man is very much his usual, capable self. It’s a good thing too, because as Collins Darcy must step in to solve crisis after crisis at Longbourn House.

But there is worse to come. For when Collins wakes from his coma and discovers that he inhabits Darcy’s body, who knows what havoc he will cause? 

Will Darcy ever become his rightful self? If so, then what? Will Elizabeth understand?

How can Darcy untangle this unthinkable love triangle—in which he himself is the other man?

If you enjoy a smart, sparkling Regency romp in the tradition of Georgette Heyer, then I think you will love Darcy By Any Other Name.

Click the link to discover the Pride and Prejudice body-swap romance that has readers laughing in surprise and delight.

Darcy By Any Other Name

Here’s the thing: Do you trust me for a happy ending?

Ha, good decision. I wouldn’t trust me either.
But I think you’ll enjoy this lighthearted, immersive book.

 Why not take a look at the beginning chapters?

And here is the Amazon purchase link

5 Claws for Darcy from Book Dragon Best 10 Books I Read in 2016 Award
5 Claws for Darcy from Book Dragon
Best 10 Books I Read in 2016 Award
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What Readers are saying about Darcy By Any Other Name

How thankful I am for my pre-release readers!

They read as I write, and help me to keep track of the pulse of the story–what works and what doesn’t.

It’s anything but easy, because they’re left hanging between chapters while I write.

Here are a few of their comments, minus spoilers.

“Laura, you are a scream. This is still one of the funniest stories I’ve ever read.” (jr)

“Oh, how I delight in being vexed by this story!” (d)

“This keeps getting better and better. How is that possible?” (rh)

“A week has never lasted so long as when I am waiting for the next installment.” (bc)

“This is one of the cleverest variations I have ever read, I laugh out loud at times reading it and keep checking the site for updates, I am just loving it.” (af)

“My mind is racing with all the possibilities, and yet this is so unpredictable! Looking forward to see what you have in store for us.” (k)

“You. Are. KILLING ME! Argh. What a mess!” (dr)

“I’ve been following this story for a while, and adore your work immensely.” (e)

“I just so love every nuance. This just gets better and better. You are such a witty author. I can hardly wait to see what you have in store for us next.” (bl)

“This is so delightful a romp, I’m enjoying it very much. I’ve no idea how you’re going to get them back in their right minds & bodies, but I’m along for the ride. Too funny! What a tangled web!!” (i)

“This chapter was worth the wait but pleeeaaase! Don’t leave it there too long! I never thought I would say this, but my poor nerves!” (m)

“I have my eyes squeezed somewhat shut in preparation for the next AHHH!” (n)

“Torturous woman! Next Saturday until we can read that letter! I want it NOW! Well, regardless, this is such a fun, crazy story. Great fun!” (jr)

“This is agony! The torture is killing me. Quick! Write another chapter or two! Please!!!!! Have mercy upon us!” (lr)

“Thanks for another hilarious chapter!” (t)

“To be honest I like this whole tale. So (good) different to so many stories I have read, great work!” (a)

“Yet another fantastic and hilarious chapter. So many of these gems sparkle throughout this entire story. I anticipate and relish every chapter you post!” (d)

“I love, love, love the story concept, but even more than that, I love the writing.” (sm)

“Great chapter – as always. I hope it brought you as much pleasure writing it as you gave us reading it.” (ja)

“As much as I want to climb inside your mind and know how this is going to end, I know I will truly miss it once it does. Thank you for another wonderful addition.” (bc)

“It’s kind of like this: I feel like someone who is terribly addicted to some powerful but short lasting drug. I crave another hit and then I get one. But almost as soon as I get it, it wears off and I need another. Sigh…in other words, yes. Too short, but also very powerful. I just can’t see how you will resolve this, and it’s driving me a bit mad. It is so good, so I hope you have a firm hand on the reins of this wild ride!” (bl)

~ Images of Mr. Collins, Mr. Darcy, and Elizabeth are from movie adaptations ~
“What do you mean that my JOB is on the line? What j–Oh. That job.”
“You think I LIKE wearing this hat? I am a victim of Collins’ closet.”
Colin Firth as Darcy
Behold the new me: “practically perfect in every way.” SO hot!
“Gad, even when I smile I am repulsive.”
I put the
I KNOW. I put the “ick” in “romantic.”



9 thoughts on “Darcy By Any Other Name

  1. I keep thinking that all the variations must have been conceived – how wrong I am! I shall look for this and for others’ reviews.


    1. Part of the fun with Austen fans, Carol, is shaking them up a bit. Plus, do we love Darcy only because he is rich and handsome? This challenges that idea a little.

      Happy endings are in my tagline…

      Thanks for stopping by!


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