In League with Mr. Darcy

Come join your friends from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in a delightful new adventure. Love, laughter, and matchmaking mishaps abound in this lighthearted romp.

Elizabeth never meant to fall for Mr. Darcy.
The man is an absolute ogre!

But Mr. Bingley has begged for help with his sister, causing Elizabeth to be thrown together with Mr. Darcy. Her treasonous heart enjoys every moment.

Why? Such a proud and disagreeable man cannot love! But when Mr. Darcy shows a gentler side, Elizabeth knows she is in trouble.

Darcy has had his fill of manipulative women—and he is not shy about saying so. Now he must help Charles ward off his sister’s undesirable suitor. To do this, he must work alongside the bewitching Elizabeth Bennet. Although she seems sincere, Darcy is wary of the way she makes his heart stir.

As their friendship grows, little do either of them suspect that Miss Bingley has a scheme of her own. She’ll throw a spanner into the works, and no mistake.

What pre-release readers are saying about In League with Mr. Darcy

“This is an excellent story, hilariously funny!”

“I am in love with your Darcy, irrevocably and ardently.”

“A Darcy who isn’t grim and silent?  Who could imagine such a thing? You, I guess!”

“Another lively and entertaining story from one of my favorite authors!  I sigh, I smile and sometimes outright laugh when I am reading your works!”

” I always love a Laura Hile story!!”

“Thoroughly enjoying your Darcy, such a wry sense of humor!”

“I love, love, LOVE how you inject humor and super fun vernacular into the chapters.“

“Every time I read a new chapter, you’ve once again outdone yourself in hilarity.  Oh. My. Gosh.  We’re at serious LOL material.  Like, fall off chair bcz you’re laughing so hard kinda thing.”

“Thank you, Laura, for yet another terrific, enjoyable, fun, crazy and completely wonderful story!”

“Very entertaining story right to the end.”

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