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Surprised, amazed, and so very honored

I'll just put this badge here ... so that you can gaze at it along with me. My surprise is complete. A big Thank You to Clean Indie Reads for awarding me this honor. Truly, I give back only a little of the heartfelt support and encouragement I have received from this amazing group of writers.

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Weekend Writing Warriors #14

My summer has been like ... zing!  A novella stood up and demanded to become a full-fledged novel. And my new Camp NaNo novel waved a white flag and asked to be my 2020 anthology novella. Because of So This Is Love's about-face, I had to come up with something new.  Thus Sir Walter Takes a Wife, at… Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #14

Beyond Austen · Sir Walter Takes a Wife

Sir Walter Takes a Wife is now complete!

I've already posted about this fun Valentine romp, which features two of Jane Austen's worst snobs ... And now I can share the news that it is done. Finished. Complete. Hooray! I am loving it! A true 30-day-wonder, this story is. I managed to write 23k words, start to finish, within a single month. Okay,… Continue reading Sir Walter Takes a Wife is now complete!

Beyond Austen · Sir Walter Takes a Wife

Go get your woman, Sir Walter!

One of the great things about writing for an anthology is that I get to to play with ideas that simply wouldn't sell as a standalone novel. In other words, total fluff fiction. Such as this unlikely pair, mashed together (by moi) from two of Jane Austen's most popular novels, Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice.… Continue reading Go get your woman, Sir Walter!

Giveaway Alert!

Christmas in July eBook Giveaway

It's Christmas in July today in Sally Britton's Facebook group. She has a lineup of eBook giveaways for you to enter. Ahh, book covers with ... snow. And people wearing coats and stuff. Embrace the cold! And at the same time, discover new sweet romance authors. Including yours truly. We'll be giving away two copies… Continue reading Christmas in July eBook Giveaway

The Writing Life

Summertime is Writing Time!

And writing at home can get kind of tough. So many tasks around here are calling my name. Not that I want to do them. But when the writing gets tricky, even house chores look good. But housework does not get books written, and that's what my summers are about. So I've abandoned my shady… Continue reading Summertime is Writing Time!

As Only A Woman Can · Weekend Writing Warriors

Weekend Writing Warriors #13

Huzzah! It's time to put on the writer hat -- because summer is officially here. Or it will be, once I put the finishing touches on the report cards this afternoon. Thus a weary teacher is transformed into an intrepid writer.  There isn't a moment to waste, not this summer! And speaking of writing ... ... here… Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #13

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So Rough a Course is FREE!

Bring on the Beach Reads! It's the first day of my summer break. Some serious celebration going on here, oh yes. And not only because the school year is over... For the next four days, So Rough a Course is free. Yes, FREE. But wait, there's more! So Lively a Chase (Book 2) and The Lady Must Decide … Continue reading So Rough a Course is FREE!

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Weekend Writing Warriors #12

Writing a book is kind of like riding a bike. It's all about forward momentum, keeping words and ideas flowing. If you stop, you fall over. Bam! It's May, and I'm a teacher. Right now I'm focused on survival ... yes, and finishing well. The school year first, and then the book. But this weekly blog… Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #12

As Only A Woman Can · Weekend Writing Warriors

Weekend Writing Warriors #11

Word by word, sentence by sentence, we writers construct a story.  Finally, at long last -- after WAY more work than we anticipated -- it is finished. Formatted, edited, proofread, with a cover and everything. A book, a real book. And then, sometimes, we encounter Book Selfies. Whether sent by readers or taken ourselves, how we linger… Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #11