Christmas Cheer

Christmas Sweater Darcy?

It takes a real man to pull off the Ugly Christmas Sweater look. What do you think? Does our dear gentleman succeed? Well, okay, the sweater isn’t all that ugly. Although the reindeer is eyeing the glass of champagne … How about a “real life” comparison? Here’s my Nathan at a grad school Christmas event, two… Continue reading Christmas Sweater Darcy?

Book Giveaway News

Want to win a Christmas eBook?

Candy’s eBook giveaway for A Very Austen Christmas is still going strong at So Little Time. But it ends December 20th — that’s tomorrow. And right now the odds of winning are really good. Why not cruise by and post a comment? Christmas could be coming to your Kindle, but only if you don’t forget… Continue reading Want to win a Christmas eBook?

Friendship · In Real Life

This is SO my house

Look what I found on Facebook! Isn’t this the best? It is SO my house. I live with four grown men, working men. Housekeeping? Well … you get the picture. Add in three more teaching days with middle schoolers. Along with promotion of our Christmas anthology, as well as two (soon to be three) simultaneous… Continue reading This is SO my house

Book Giveaway News · Mercy's Embrace novels

Mercy’s Embrace: So Lively a Chase is live!

That’s right, Book Two is here for you to enjoy! Don’t you just love that smiling cover? It’s time to celebrate! Today Claudine is hosting an enthusiastic “Launch Day” review and an eBook giveaway at Just Jane 1813.  You’ll want to check that out. And if you’d like to buy, thank you! Here is the purchase link at… Continue reading Mercy’s Embrace: So Lively a Chase is live!

A Very Austen Christmas · Book Giveaway News · Robin Helm

Books make us famous!

It’s a banner day for friend and co-author Robin Helm, because she has a book signing at the Lancaster County Library this afternoon. Talk about serendipity! Robin only meant to donate a set of her Guardian trilogy, but then she and the librarian got to talking — as book lovers will do. And when Ms.… Continue reading Books make us famous!

Mercy's Embrace novels · Stuff and Nonsense

Ya wanna buy a book?

So an Amazon Author Page displays an author’s hottest-selling titles first. For me this is A Very Austen Christmas and Darcy By Any Other Name. As expected, my newly re-launched So Rough a Course hasn’t yet made it to a visible position.  So I used the arrow thingy to advance the cover images. And looky what I found.… Continue reading Ya wanna buy a book?

A Very Austen Christmas · Announcement

This week, Cover Wars!

Wait, what? We thought this would take two months to happen, not two weeks! And talk about fortutious holiday placement. Not bad for our Christmas anthology! Thank you, Author Shout. Take a look: Cover Wars 12/10 – 12/16 So … could you help a girl out? If you like our cover best, please vote for us. And… Continue reading This week, Cover Wars!

Book Giveaway News · Mercy's Embrace novels

Mercy’s Embrace launches!

“3 …2 …1 … We have ignition.” Mercy’s Embrace: So Rough a Course is now LIVE at Amazon. Woo-hoo! Time to celebrate! Claudine is hosting a “Launch Day” eBook giveaway at Just Jane 1813.  You’ll want to check that out. And if you’d like to buy, thank you! Here is the purchase link at Amazon… Continue reading Mercy’s Embrace launches!

Book Giveaway News · Mercy's Embrace novels

Today’s the Day!

It’s time to reveal the cover for So Rough a Course. And it’s a beauty. I have been wanting to share it with you for the longest time. Ha, for “many moons”… Like a scene out of a movie, Admiral McGillvary and Elizabeth Elliot encounter one another in the moonlit garden at Chalfort House. You will… Continue reading Today’s the Day!

California Dreaming · In Real Life

The company we keep …

I’m not a fan of name-droppers, no. Growing up, I was around plenty of them. I was raised in the greater Los Angeles area; our semi-rural community was within easy commuting distance of “beautiful downtown Burbank.” Burbank is not glamorous, but it ought to be. Movie and television studios such as Disney, NBC, Worldwide Pictures,… Continue reading The company we keep …