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A Sale and a Sneak Peek

Isn't this image gorgeous? I simply must share a sneak peek of our cover couple with you! I am excited to announce a new Austen Anthologies book. Response has been overwhelmingly positive, so Robin, Wendi, Barbara, and I decided to do it again. A Very Austen Valentine is now available for preorder. And -- gasp! --… Continue reading A Sale and a Sneak Peek

Christmas Cheer

And is it true? Oh yes.

O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord Sir John Betjeman, beloved former Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom,  invites us to share his wit and his deeply Christian sentiment. Have a listen. Christmas The bells of waiting Advent ring, The Tortoise stove is lit again And lamp-oil light across the night Has caught… Continue reading And is it true? Oh yes.

12 Days of Christmas Party · Darcy By Any Other Name · Special Sale

The 12 Days of Christmas Party begins today!

So the weather outside is frightful? Online parties are delightful! Come in your pajamas. Sip your coffee. Meet fellow book lovers and authors. Play games. Win prizes. Really cool prizes, like Kindle Fires and eBooks (and print books, yay!) and Amazon gift cards.  Favorite Christian authors will be there to share exciting new books and chat… Continue reading The 12 Days of Christmas Party begins today!

Darcy By Any Other Name · Special Sale

Facebook Party Fun!

Games, Giveaways, and eBook Prizes Galore! That's right. At noon today it'll be Party Time. All weekend long! Come get in on the Festive Holiday Fun. Saturday from 8:00-8:30 a.m. (EST), I will be giving away four Darcy By Any Other Name eBooks -- and a $25 Amazon Gift Card. How's that for a sweet… Continue reading Facebook Party Fun!

Mercy's Embrace novels · Special Sale

Wonderful Historical Fiction Sale

Grab them while the deals last! Michelle Isenhoff brings you a selection of historical fiction titles just in time for the holidays. They’re hand-picked, and most are discounted just for you. If you've read Michelle Isenhoff, you know she's a top-notch storyteller. So are the authors she is featuring. Writers like K. M. Weiland.  Nathaniel… Continue reading Wonderful Historical Fiction Sale

Favorite Reads · Simple Pleasures

Hound Dog Love

Alas, I am that teacher, the one who makes 7th grade students cry. I don't use my rapier wit or sarcasm, tempting as those weapons are... No, I have them read a book about a boy and his beloved dogs, a story told from the heart. "Why?" students lament. "Why do you make us read this?" … Continue reading Hound Dog Love

FREE eBook Alert · Robin Helm

Christian Suspense, Angels, Romance … Free!

Have you discovered Robin Helm's Guardian Trilogy? If you enjoy Christian Suspense, Spiritual Warfare, and Angels ... with a romantic hat-tip to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, you won't want to miss this series. The first eBook is FREE through Wednesday, October 17th. Guardian, Book 1, at Amazon Praise for The Guardian Trilogy: "Oh. My.… Continue reading Christian Suspense, Angels, Romance … Free!

Simple Pleasures

Come Along Inside

Poor Rat! Poor Mole! To be freezing in the snow, having to encounter the grouchy, fearsome Badger. Would he give them a scold? Bar the door against their need? "O Badger," cried the Rat, "let us in, please. It's me, Rat, and my friend Mole, and we've lost our way in the snow." "Why, Ratty,… Continue reading Come Along Inside

As Only A Woman Can · Weekend Writing Warriors

Weekend Writing Warriors #18

  Step-by-step is how we scale a mountain. Chapter-by-chapter is how we build a book. Forward march, Weekend Writing Warriors. We can do this! So I have this little progress meter living quietly on the sidebar.  It's kick to update it each weekend. That percentage is growing! As Only Mr. Darcy Can 19052 / 80000… Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #18

As Only Mr. Darcy Can · Weekend Writing Warriors

Weekend Writing Warriors #17

Coming to your inbox ... from BookBub! It's my first solo BookBub feature. Today's the DAY! Excited any? You bet. Readers are not only downloading the book, but they are also buying the other two in the series. Happy-happy-happy dance! Okay, deep breath. On to the business at hand. Here is this week's Weekend Writing Warriors snippet,… Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #17