My Writing Friends

mensquartetWe’re not guys, but this smiling image says a lot. It’s like we’re singing off the same Austen page.

Susan Kaye

Nobody writes Persuasion’s Captain Frederick Wentworth like Susan Kaye, not even Jane. Her books are the kind you reread, for her Wentworth thinks like a guy does, and is so delightfully human. These days Susan is working on a mystery novel, as well as a what-if novella involving Captain Wentworth and Anne. She is the founder of the blog we share, Jane Started It.

Robin Helm

Robin writes Christian sci-fi, with romance elements. Her Guardian hero, Xander, is to die for. Except that, well … dying can’t happen because he’s an angel. Robin has just released Accidentally Yours, the first in a series featuring a fun Darcy time-switch. Her next book is due out this spring, and she’s hard at work on the third. Robin blogs with us at Jane Started It.

Pamela Aidan

A face launched a thousand ships, they say, and from comments I’ve seen on Facebook, Pamela’s Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentlemen trilogy has launched many an Austen novelist into writing. These books are on everyone’s favorite list, and if you’ve read them you’ll know why. For ages Simon & Schuster has been after her for a fourth book, and I’m happy to report that she is working on it. When she is able, Pamela blogs at Jane Started It.

Barbara Cornthwaite

Barbara lives in rural Ireland with her husband and a houseful of adopted children. Her George Knightley, Gentleman novels (a retelling of Emma) are beautifully done. I wish she had time to write more, for her gentle, lyrical style is just wonderful. On and off the back burner is a contemporary romance set in rural Ireland. During the summers, Barbara blogs with us at Jane Started It.

Jane Greensmith

Jane is a popular blogger and is the author of Intimations of Austen, a collection of lovely short stories. Jane and I cheered one another on while posting serialized fiction at the Derbyshire Writer’s Guild back in the day. Once the nest is empty, I do hope she will resume writing. Jane blogs at Reading, Writing, Working, Playing.

C. Allyn Pierson

In my humble opinion, so many Austen (and Regency) writers simply dress modern people in period costumes…and the plot revolves around the bedroom. This C. Allyn Pierson does not do. In her Mr Darcy’s Little Sister, Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy remain delightfully in their time, with quotations sprinkled through their conversation (as one would expect from the well-read). I did hear something about a mystery novel in the works. You’ll find C. Allyn Pierson at the Austen Variations blog.

Jennifer Petkus

Another refreshing discovery is Jennifer Petkus, who loves Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as much as she loves Jane Austen. Jennifer is not only clever, but she can write in the style of the period…and she’s a talented storyteller, not relying on bedroom antics to hold the attention of readers. She has several novels out (in a variety of genres), Jane, Actually being the most recent. I am hoping a new Charlotte House mystery is in production. Jennifer blogs at My Particular Friend, which is also the title of her first Austen novel.

4 thoughts on “My Writing Friends

  1. Robin, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Thanks for your solid support and for the quality of your work.

    Gayle, when your life becomes less eventful—retirement will come eventually! —please collect your stories and publish them as an ebook. I’d love to have your name here as well.


  2. I just finished Darcy By Any Other Name and adored it! To be honest I avoided it at first as I couldn’t imagine a story with Mr. Collins being engaging. Obviously I was so wrong. It was funny, compelling, and oh so enjoyable. At one point, though, I did toss my hands up in frustration with that darned elusive letter! But that frustration just exemplifies how deep I was into the story. It was a great read you should be proud of.


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