What readers are saying about So This is Love

As with my other novels, So This Is Love was posted serially on a fiction forum.

1253 x 2000 (292)This is how I learned to write, back when the Internet was young. Week by week, I posted “episodes” of Jane Austen-inspired stories for readers.

I’m looking at you, Darcy By Any Other Name and  Mercy’s Embrace!

It helps to write for a “live audience” — and these gals keep me on my toes. It takes some hard thinking to stay ahead of intelligent readers!

So This Is Love is releasing in late May, 2020. Stay tuned!

Here is a sampling of reader responses to So This Is Love:

“Definitely in love with Jack – but what a lovely version of Charlotte, as well! Intelligent, original, strong, with a wit to match any hero’s…” (n)

“This is a winner, my dear.” (r)

“Egads! I’m also half in love with the Captain! Don’t tell my husband!”  (JM)

“Smiled the whole time I read this chapter! Still am 😊. Great dialog, can’t wait for the next chapter.” (td)

“I do love your writing, Laura!  So, so funny – these two will make an excellent and highly productive couple.  🙂  Jack (pardon, Jasper) gets better every chapter.”(B)

“Charlotte deserves adventure and love in her life as much as Lizzy.” (AAF)

“I love Captain Blunt. He’s got a fine wit. Charlotte doesn’t know what to make of him. Fun read!” (MC)

“Now we have come to the “good” part … Charlotte riding in the arms of the hero, even with his injury.”   (SLM)

“I very much enjoy the Capt. and dear Charlotte.  Thank you, for the fun and smiles, their fun, my smiles. I always love your mind, and expert storytelling.”  (D)

“Laura, Laura!! This story is wonderful! Sigh. Jasper will defend Diana and win her heart (I’m hoping)!” (JM)

“Well, I am absolutely loving Captain Blunt! How different for Charlotte.  This tale is so fun.” (JR)

“So, so funny!!  I am just loving these two – they’re amusing and smart and witty and cutting and kind and . . . . . lots of other stuff, too. ” (B)

“Love, love, love this story!!!  (JM)

“This is a story I will be reading again and again.” (td)

“This is GREAT!  Johnny is so very well written for a teen and Charlotte is delightful in her self doubt.  Capt B is someone that reminds of my great love.  Love this story.”  (D)

“Fascinating premise & excellent writing!!” (SB)

“Our hero is the hunk she deserves and she is the steady woman of love and good sense he deserves.  Write on!!! “(AAF)

“Laura, you have outdone yourself – again. I smiled the whole way through. Absolutely perfect, hitting every note with all the feels.” (r)

“Oh yes, I want to read on and not stop.  I love this book.” (AAF)