Mercy’s Embrace Novels

A change is not very probable …
unless she takes matters into her own hands

Time is running out for Elizabeth Elliot. She must find a husband soon, for her father’s plan of retrenchment — and his health — are failing.

She is left to choose between Sir Henry, a worn out man of fashion whose invalid wife is not quite dead, and wealthy, tiresome Mr. Rushworth.

But when a wondrous invitation arrives, Elizabeth throws caution to the wind. Alone in a moonlight garden, she encounters Admiral Patrick McGillvary, who is as disastrously handsome as he is opinionated.

As Elizabeth will discover, the course of love is anything but smooth.

Mercy’s Embrace is a novel in three parts.
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Mercy’s Embrace, Book One: So Rough a Course

Elizabeth Elliot is as beautiful as ever, yet no gentleman of proper stature has requested her hand. Lady Russell claims she is too particular, but Elizabeth begs to differ. She is not about to settle for a gentleman of no distinction like her sister Mary. Nor will she follow her heart and marry a commoner with no title but Captain–that was Anne’s mistake.
As for romance and the tender stirrings of the heart, why, only a simpleton would fall prey to such foolishness! But when the proud Miss Elliot encounters a pair of smiling Irish eyes in a most unsuitable man of vulgar connections, she is tempted to change her opinion. Almost.

Mercy’s Embrace, Book Two: So Lively a Chase

Twelve-thousand a year and an extensive estate can gild a sow’s ear, or so Elizabeth Elliot has always supposed. But now that she’s fallen for the dashing Patrick Gill, Elizabeth is almost ready to give up Mr Rushworth’s fortune.

Painfully aware of her bruised pride and vulnerable heart, Elizabeth can only despise herself for loving so common a man. But it has never occurred to her that darling Mr Gill guards a secret of his own–and that he might be responsible for her father’s disappearance.

Mercy’s Embrace, Book Three: The Lady Must Decide

As the news of Elizabeth Elliot’s broken engagement becomes known, the storm of social disapproval descends and Elizabeth is left to wonder how she, with every claim to birth and beauty, has made such a muddle of her life. Even worse, why has dear Mr Gill suddenly become so distant?

Patrick Gill has dropped many a hint that he is not the lowly clerk he has pretended to be, but Elizabeth Elliot will have none of it. His playful jest has gone too far, for him as well as for her. But her father has fled from his creditors, leaving her in disgrace. Now “Mr Gill” must force a meeting between Elizabeth and the man he truly is–Admiral McGillvary, a man she claims to despise.

One thought on “Mercy’s Embrace Novels

  1. Enjoyed the Mercy’s Embrace trilogy, but hope you plan to give Miss Owens her own story. It was upsetting that you’ve set the two most sympathetic characters, Charles and Miss Owens, up for an unhappy future; him stuck in a loveless marriage to a harpy, her to keep house for a drunken and abusive father.


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