99-cents for A Very Austen Christmas? Oh yes.

We're ending 2017 with a hoot and a holler. If you've been waiting to buy your copy of our Christmas eBook anthology, here is your chance. From now until midnight, January 1, 2018, A Very Austen Christmas will be on 99-cent special. That's three novellas -- and a jewel of a short story -- for you to … Continue reading 99-cents for A Very Austen Christmas? Oh yes.

Oh, the wondrous cover!

Being indie is all about choices. We have control over the interior format, the content, and most especially, the cover. Oh, the wondrous cover!  I submitted A Very Austen Christmas to Joel Friedlander, who runs The Cover Designer's e-Book Cover Design Awards. Yesterday the November, 2017, lineup came out and guess what? He liked it! As I mention … Continue reading Oh, the wondrous cover!

The joy of sale-priced eBooks

I posted our sale news to Jane Started It this morning -- just in case my reading friends have, you know, unused Amazon gift cards lying around! Merry Christmas, happy reading, and thank you, sincerely, for your encouragement and support. Wintry weather, a bright fireside, and good reading! What could be better? For your quiet holiday moments, … Continue reading The joy of sale-priced eBooks

Want to win a Christmas eBook?

Candy's eBook giveaway for A Very Austen Christmas is still going strong at So Little Time. But it ends December 20th -- that's tomorrow. And right now the odds of winning are really good. Why not cruise by and post a comment? Christmas could be coming to your Kindle, but only if you don't forget … Continue reading Want to win a Christmas eBook?

This is SO my house

Look what I found on Facebook! Isn't this the best? It is SO my house. I live with four grown men, working men. Housekeeping? Well ... you get the picture. Add in three more teaching days with middle schoolers. Along with promotion of our Christmas anthology, as well as two (soon to be three) simultaneous … Continue reading This is SO my house

Books make us famous!

It's a banner day for friend and co-author Robin Helm, because she has a book signing at the Lancaster County Library this afternoon. Talk about serendipity! Robin only meant to donate a set of her Guardian trilogy, but then she and the librarian got to talking -- as book lovers will do. And when Ms. … Continue reading Books make us famous!

This week, Cover Wars!

Wait, what? We thought this would take two months to happen, not two weeks! And talk about fortutious holiday placement. Not bad for our Christmas anthology! Thank you, Author Shout. Take a look: Cover Wars 12/10 - 12/16 So ... could you help a girl out? If you like our cover best, please vote for us. And … Continue reading This week, Cover Wars!

Make way for the Typo Patrol!

So I'm doubling-down on the Mercy's Embrace indie republication ... and this has meant going on Typo Patrol. Typo, as in typing? Typing a manuscript? I am afraid so. Files and cover art typically remain with the original publisher, so when I reacquired the rights, I was on my own. Really on my own, because my … Continue reading Make way for the Typo Patrol!

Beautiful like Lucifer

His was an impossibly beautiful face. With golden hair, a manly chin, and ice-blue eyes, he was like a Greek god in the flesh. A prince who stepped out of a storybook. And he was altogether charming -- oh, he was. She too was lovely, and smart, and very talented. He singled her out to … Continue reading Beautiful like Lucifer

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Two more A Very Austen Christmas eBook giveaways are live this week. Right now, the odds for you to win are really good. Serena shares an excerpt from "The Christmas Matchmaker" at Savvy Verse and Wit. And Laura has a Rafflecopter giveaway running, along with an excerpt from Robin Helm's "Her Christmas Gift" at The … Continue reading It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…