Today’s the Day!

It's time to reveal the cover for So Rough a Course. And it's a beauty. I have been wanting to share it with you for the longest time. Ha, for "many moons"... Like a scene out of a movie, Admiral McGillvary and Elizabeth Elliot encounter one another in the moonlit garden at Chalfort House. You will … Continue reading Today’s the Day!

Day 33: What’s next?

Today's headline brings a smile. I'm struggling to teach through each school day and then pick away at Darcy's book morning and evening. And the prompt is asking for more? Indeed yes. Writing is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately business. No resting on today's laurels! Must keep that forward momentum going! Ah, but the sidebar thingy gives a clue: … Continue reading Day 33: What’s next?

Day 22: Talk about an ideal endorsement!

My first books carried an awesome recommendation--that of beloved Austen author, Pamela Aidan. Anyone familiar with the genre will recognize the name, and will probably say that Pamela's books are among her favorites. I blush to tell you that I did not have to ask. Pamela offered to endorse my books simply because she is … Continue reading Day 22: Talk about an ideal endorsement!

Day 18: Sing that book!

  The spirit, message, and energy of my books captured in song? Well, sure. I can do that. In other words, the sweep and swing of falling in love as expressed in music. How about from the guy's point of view?     For Mercy's Embrace's Admiral McGillvary, here is the joyous Everything. And for Darcy … Continue reading Day 18: Sing that book!

Day 12: Nonfiction novels?

Is this even possible? Today's prompt says that it is. So... Meet the Mercy's Embrace novels as a nonfiction series! Here you will discover self-help at its finest. Miss Elliot plots and schemes, and now you can too! Because every woman should live as a Romance Heroine at least once in her life, right? If … Continue reading Day 12: Nonfiction novels?

Day 9: Book Idea Dawning

Sing it with me: "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale..." Thank you, Gilligan's Island, for the loan of the theme song. Because today's prompt asks how I came up with the idea for my first book--a "three-hour-tour" concept that mushroomed into a series. Mercy's Embrace, a romantic romp in three parts, was … Continue reading Day 9: Book Idea Dawning