Being Collins is worse than being the Frog Prince?

You bet it is, according to Mr. Darcy. And he should know, because of his body swap experience in Darcy By Any Other Name. (Thanks to yours truly ...) This week we have a treat: Darcy is guest posting at Darcyholic Diversions. He is! And he's giving away an e-book too. Curious about what Darcy … Continue reading Being Collins is worse than being the Frog Prince?

Day 21: Demographic Who?

So yesterday I mentioned that indie or not, book promotion is all on the author. This is my cue for sighing and hand-wringing. On the other hand, advertising is a skill like any other, right? Meaning that promotion--smart promotion--can be learned. The secret to effective sales is identifying the market. Who is buying my books? Today's prompt … Continue reading Day 21: Demographic Who?

Day 20: Pride and Self-Publication

It's easy to forget how quickly the stigma of self-publishing has vanished. At the turn of the century--this century!--self-publishing was the domain of the vanity press and a few hardy souls willing to take the risk. And humble their pride... As print-on-demand technology became available, many small publishing houses sprang up. My first book series was … Continue reading Day 20: Pride and Self-Publication