Got NaNo Writer’s Block? Welcome to the club!

I signed up for NaNo out of desperation. Yes, many of my writing friends were doing it, but for me it was a matter of survival. (I would say it was "write-or-die," but having almost done that this last spring, I kind of can't use the expression anymore.) I have no time, no time for … Continue reading Got NaNo Writer’s Block? Welcome to the club!

The Three Doors

NaNo is here, and I have a lot on my plate. Manuscript proofreading and a new Regency story, along with all the end of quarter stuff at school--report cards, parent conferences. (Alas, I've set aside the poor pirate story until December.) So I will be living like my second son, the graduate student. He is busy always. I … Continue reading The Three Doors

NaNo Countdown 10: Setting Profile

My NaNo pirate story takes place in a mythical European kingdom, as yet unnamed (sorry). It's part fairy tale, part late-17th-century fun. The overall tone is surprisingly cheerful. The Princess Bride, anyone? So I dug around a bit at Creative Commons.  Images are more fun than words. Besides, this is preliminary work. Visuals help creativity. … Continue reading NaNo Countdown 10: Setting Profile

NaNo Countdown 12: Charting It

Character Charts! That's what today's pre-NaNo prompt asks for. And I have to smile. What will my high school students be doing on Thursday? A detailed five-page character chart for their hero / heroine. Screenwriters assemble 'Story Bibles,' so why shouldn't my students do the same? I want them sharing a sense of camaraderie with their professional … Continue reading NaNo Countdown 12: Charting It

Just say No to NaNoWriMo?

That's what I ought to do... Because November is impossible: report cards, parent conferences, and travel for a family wedding. But it's only 1700 words a day; how hard is that? (Ha) By month's end, 50,000 words. (Ha) But the communal whining of thousands of writerly participants is too appealing. So here I am again, … Continue reading Just say No to NaNoWriMo?