Day 3: Those that can, do. And we teach, too.

Why do I never take on a beginner's project? Always I must dive in with complicated instead of easy! Crazy, isn't it? I have no one but myself to blame. What was true with counted cross stitch is just as true with writing. My debut fiction project was not a simple story, but a mammoth … Continue reading Day 3: Those that can, do. And we teach, too.

First Lines and Openers

A story is like a musical performance. Both the beginning and the ending must DELIVER. The reader should be pulled in and enticed--no, driven! --to turn pages.So my second year students are working on that.Below are their first lines and openers. This is the all-guys class. Did they do their job?OutlandTo Jaron, there was no … Continue reading First Lines and Openers

Chick Lit Dilemmas

More "back of the book cover" plot ideas from my beginning writing students. As you will see, relationship dilemmas predominate. As well as those so-fun-to-write (but terrible-to-live-through) Girl Wars. Entice the browsing reader, I said. Snare buyers with a catchy title. Promise a roller coaster ride. So they did. What do you think? Love at … Continue reading Chick Lit Dilemmas

Chick Lit Drama

The Three Plot Ideas for the Chick Lit assignment are in (see last week's post here). And the pages, they are a-smoking with girl drama! Check out these submissions from my beginning high school writers: Forever Single Gretchen never thought that she would end up in Portland almost broke and working a crummy job. She … Continue reading Chick Lit Drama