What readers are saying about Sir Walter Takes a Wife

As with my novels, A Very Austen Valentine‘s fun novella, Sir Walter Takes a Wife, was posted serially on a fiction forum. This helps me know what works and what doesn’t, and also adds to the fun because I have a “live audience” to write for.

Here is a sampling of reader responses:

“What a hoot! They are both so stuck on themselves that they might just get along very well. Interested to see this play out! I can imagine plenty of LOL moments with that pair.” (MC)

“I am totally blaming you for the lemonade that ended up having to get cleaned off of my desk and laptop.  😄  Oh, that was a corker.  (Betcha you haven’t heard that one in a while. . . .) You have me absolutely, positively looking forward to this story.  Crazy funny!!” (Bm)

(Butterflies!) “Does like call to like? I would love to know what her nephews think about this development. Sir Walter seems to accept a relationship as a fait accompli. The cast of characters keeps it interesting.” (sc)

“Is SO funny!  Sir Walter (not Sir Elliott 😉) is just made for comic relief. Garden statuary, indeed?  I cannot wait to see Lady C’s POV.  If she’s as amusing as Sir Lovemyself, this will be terrific!”(Bm)

My work-in-progress badge for this summertime story!

😂😂😂😂 “I snorted more than once, my friend. I love, love, love this witty story. He played her like a harp, and he didn’t break a sweat. He wasn’t even trying. MORE!!!!” (Rh)

“I am a great man?  Oh, Laura, I am trying to stay on my chair without falling off laughing.  Oh my.” 😄 (Bm)

“I’m just. . . . flabbergasted.  Speechless.  What can I possibly say to this?  Lady Catherine – the indomitable, ferocious, opinionated Lady Catherine – is actually falling for Sir Walter (who you so kindly gifted with a brain  ).  He has his agenda but, to be honest, the way these two are written, they’re seriously perfect for each other.” (Bm)

“Such a delicious chapter, Laura! I have no doubt Sir Walter will achieve his objective, for who could resist such a man of such excellent distinction, breeding, and appearance? A virtual paragon of manhood!”(RH)

“Ok, seriously?  This is just too, too fun!  I am very impressed by your ability to write intelligibly in the character of such a foolish person.  He’s hysterical and completely, entirely self-absorbed.” (Bm)

“This is just awesome! Not sure I’d call this a match made in heaven but it will make interesting reading.” 😁 (Td)

“I must remember not to read this while near other people because I’m going to laugh out loud, every time.  😄 (Bm)

“Oh I do like this story! It is delicious.”😉 (Td)

“So much fun!  Thank you for a delightful time.” (D)

“Laura, you couldn’t make this more interesting!  It’s so absorbing and when I’m busy, there aren’t many stories that I’ll read right away when I see the email notification – but this is definitely one of them! She’s sliding down a slippery slope and her servants seem to think it’s in her best interest.  You know, that’s a nice compliment to Her Ladyship.”(Bm)

“This is such a fun read! Sir Walter’s comments make me laugh! Darcy has to be loving this waltz. I’d love to get inside his head…and Elizabeth’s head…to know their opinions of Sir Walter. “(MC)

“Humor is so difficult to write, but you, Laura, manage to make it seem effortless. Such a light touch! You ARE The Girl on Fire!” (RH)

“Oh. My. Goodness! That chapter was priceless! Leave it to Sir Walter to turn the tables on The Colonel and Darcy! I truly laughed out loud while reading this. So much fun! “(MC)

“OMGosh, Laura – this is just amazing!  Sir Walter is my new hero.  😄  Without being a Great Thinker, he directed both the Colonel and Darcy where he wanted them to go and gave them as good (no, better!) than he got.  (Yes, what is that vulgar word – ahh, broke.) Love this story!!” (Bm)

“Oh my but this is good!!!!!! Excellent writing. Can’t wait for the next chapter.” (Td)

“I’m late to this party, but better late than never, right? This is hilarious! The one thing I loved about the movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was that Lady C was played as an attractive woman – I can certainly see this Lady C in that light as well. (Well, maybe without the eyepatch and rapier.) And Sir Walter is a total hoot! This was worth coming home from vacation for.” (Bs)

“Golden. Simply golden. Many readers have mistaken Sir Walter for an idiot, but you know the truth of it, Laura. The man is brilliant at what he does.” (R)