What readers are saying about You’ve Got to Kiss the Girl

I made this story badge for my Beyond Austen readers. The image from the 1995 P&P is fabulous.

As with my novels, my contribution to A Very Austen Romance was posted serially on a fiction forum.

This is how I learned to write, back when the Internet was young. Week by week, I posted “episodes” of Jane Austen-inspired stories for readers.

I’m looking at you, Darcy By Any Other Name and  Mercy’s Embrace!

It helps to write for a “live audience” — and these gals keep me on my toes. It takes some hard thinking to stay ahead of intelligent readers!

A Very Austen Romance is due to be released in June. Stay tuned!

Here is a sampling of reader responses to You’ve Got to Kiss the Girl:

“I absolutely LOVE THIS STORY!” (R)

“You have a wicked sense of humor!” (N)

“Oh, this is just amazing!!” (b)

“This is absolutely delicious! How clever of you to recreate the wet shirt scene that was in the miniseries, with your own twist, of course.” (R)

“I love this story. It is fun and romantic.” (L&F)

“This is just fabulously evil. I love to see [Laura Hile] torture Lady Catherine.” (R)

“[Laura Hile’s] stories are always so humorous and a great ride.” (b)

“Ha! Lady Catherine at her scheming, witchy best.” (R)

“Let the hilarity continue” (MC)

“Once again, you prove your comedic chops.” (b)

“Grinning like a Cheshire Cat!” (S66)

“OMG!” (Wyn)

“Wow and more wow.” (b)

“So funny!” (MC)

“It’s nice to have a laugh in this un-laughable time.” (A)

“I thoroughly enjoyed it.” (S 66)

“I’m loving it!” (b)