Anyone But A Pirate


Rapunzel’s cousin, Isabella, lets down her hair all right. But the rescuer who climbs up isn’t exactly the earl she’s expecting.

And he has no intention of losing his heart.

Neither has she. At first.

An ebook novella:
Anyone But A Pirate

Pirates and adventure and romance. What’s not to like?

I’ve had this story on the back burner for several years. But Captain O’Manly, the tough buccaneer with a tender heart, is too much fun to leave alone.

Plus he’s developed quite a following among those who have read him. They want more Captain O’Manly, more.

This story is what I’ll be working during summer break, 2016.

I’m calling this a ‘Beach Read Historical,’ and it will be the perfect indulgence for your coffee breaks at work.


~ Pirate illustration by Walter H. Everett ~

One thought on “Anyone But A Pirate

  1. Hi Laura. Happy new year and thank you for following my blog. As a fellow blogger, I would like to share an upcoming art project that God led me to do. How can I contact you to send you the information? Thank you.


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