As Only A Woman Can

AOAWC-smA new Pride and Prejudice spin-off is underway. 
Talk about a madcap romantic romp!

We’re at Rosings Park with all your favorites:
Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, the Collinses,
and (of course) Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

And also that rotter, George Wickham,
as you’ve never seen him before.

Currently in production at Beyond Austen:
As Only A Woman Can


Here’s the premise:

George Wickham’s elegant trunk is stolen from the steps of the coaching inn, or so he thinks. In its place is one belonging to Lady Georgia Snowdon. Hard on Wickham’s heels are creditors, nasty fellows who have chased him from Meryton, threatening Coldbath Fields Prison or worse.

While searching for items to pawn, Wickham examines Lady Georgia’s clothes. Why, this woman is downright mannish in girth and height! His own height, to be precise.

In twenty minutes there is a coach leaving for Kent. Will Wickham give the slip to his pursuers? By boarding the coach as only a woman can?

As for the sleepy parish of Hunsford–and one Elizabeth Bennet in particular–the arrival of a most unusual lady changes everything.

Come read over my shoulder as I work.

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