Hooray for “Creative Procrastination”!

Photo Credit: Rennett Stowe (Creative Commons Flickr)
Photo Credit: Rennett Stowe (Creative Commons Flickr)

What’s not to love? In this four-minute video, screenwriter Mike White (School of Rock, Nacho Libre) gives you permission to “live and breathe” your writing project, using cycles of work and “creative procrastination.”

Don’t miss his yoga session with an apple fritter (or is it a burger?) in hand. This is my idea of multitasking!

8 thoughts on “Hooray for “Creative Procrastination”!

  1. I do this all the time. I write for an hour or so, go take a shower and think about it, write another block, do laundry, and so on. Doing mindless chores gives my thought process freedom to think about what I’ve written and what needs to happen.

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    1. I have learned to take a walk to one of the neighborhood parks, but not without a notebook. Wham, an idea shows up full-blown. If I don’t capture it right then, it evaporates.


      1. I always write in my office. It helps me to have a certain writing spot arranged the way that’s most comfortable for me and with the least number of distractions.

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        1. What would be my office-slash-guest room is being occupied by son No. 2, Nathan. As I enjoy having him around, I write where I can.

          We’re waiting, hoping, praying that he’ll be admitted to Pacific University’s Speech Language Pathology graduate program (160 applicants–narrowed from 250–for 35 spots). If not, he will be moving across the state. Wah!


  2. Pacific University was his first choice, a shot in a million for Nathan—well, not *quite* that bad. Forest Grove, Oregon, is a 45-minute commute so Nathan plans on living here for the two-and-a-half years (the program is small and students usually carpool). Plans can change—he could meet someone and marry! —but the amount of money he’ll save is a lot. Living, ha. I mean by that sleeping. He will not be here much. The room Nathan has is my office.

    The funny thing is that his brother will probably stay here as well. He is saving for a house and paying down debt. I doubt he’d be here at all if he were by himself, but since his brother (and best friend) is here, hey why not? Michael’s room is my husband’s office, which is why we don’t eat on the dining room table anymore.

    OH well. Years fly, and all too soon those rooms will be empty.


  3. I procrastinated for months on my current WIP and now it’s pouring out in droves. I felt bad while I didn’t write though, wondering what was wrong. Now, I know I just needed a break and to think about other things for awhile.

    Also, I am helping with the A to Z Blog Challenge in April and want to welcome you to the challenge! I look forward to reading your posts!

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  4. Hi, Heather! Yes to thinking time. I teach teens, and by the end of the day I’m emotionally done. On weekends and during summer, it’s like I have my brain back.

    Looking forward to this year’s A to Z Challenge. Thanks for stopping by!


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