Make way for the Typo Patrol!

Photo: Matt Moonlight  – Typesetting – (Creative Commons Flickr)

So I’m doubling-down on the Mercy’s Embrace indie republication … and this has meant going on Typo Patrol.

Typo, as in typing? Typing a manuscript?

I am afraid so.

Files and cover art typically remain with the original publisher, so when I reacquired the rights, I was on my own. Really on my own, because my copies of the manuscripts — from 2009 — died along with my ancient PC. No worries, I had a flash drive, right? Um, that particular one cracked apart when my laptop slid onto the floor.

The original So Rough a Course (2009)

So I was faced with a dilemma. Pay to have the print books converted … or retype the manuscripts myself.

Being cheap (and also crazy), I opted for the latter.

I later discovered that there is software to convert DRM-protected MOBI (Kindle) files into Word. Ha. Of course there is.

Truth to tell, the typing project was extremely worthwhile. Because I had to go through each book word-by-word — no skimming! — I was able to tighten up some things. And you can probably guess what else happened.

That’s right, I fell in love all over again with Elizabeth Elliot, Admiral McGillvary, and the cast of Mercy’s Embrace.

If you haven’t yet read these books, you’re going to love them. Really.

I tell you what, though, I made some stunner typos. Such as …

  • “It requires no special skill to drive a horse ass well trained as this.” (ha!)
  • “The face is the first to show the effects of age — it grows lank and wrinkled. The nest succumbs next…” (neck)
  • “Captain Wentworth … will not help Father. He says that there is no point because he will only bet into debt again.” (get)
  • What was most galling was that Belsom Bark itself would one day pass to Ronan. (Park)
  • It felt like she had been rattling along dusty reads for a year! (roads)

And more typos are lurking, I just know it. They’ll show up only after I push the “Publish” button.

My biggest news is this: on Saturday, December 2nd — mere days from now, gulp! — Claudine will be hosting a Cover Reveal for the first book, So Rough a Course, at Just Jane 1813.

Later that week comes the eBook launch. (Print book to follow.)

The covers for the 2nd edition are gorgeous. So Rough a Course‘s cover is like a movie still.

Detail from the 2017 2nd edition cover

I know you want the inside scoop, but I shouldn’t steal Claudine’s thunder. So I’ll give you the  teeniest, tiniest peek … >>

Christmas Anthology

Speaking of excitement, our Christmas anthology, A Very Austen Christmas, is still holding the #1 Best Seller spot at Amazon. Clever promotion? Not at all. This ranking is because of loyal readers like you, and we are so very grateful. Who knew that Austen and Romance and Christmas combine so well?

And then there’s that beautiful cover. Worth every cent. Just like the 2nd edition covers for Mercy’s Embrace. You’ll see.

10 thoughts on “Make way for the Typo Patrol!

    1. I have tried, G, but I can’t seem to come up with enough story “shazam!” to make a continuation worthwhile for readers — I did set the bar rather high. The writing want-to is there, but if a fourth book won’t be at least as good as the first three …

      At this time, the three Mercy’s books will be the only ones.


  1. I think typewriters [look it up if you don’t know what that is], computers, cellphones and iPads are nefarious creatures [cyborg transformers] bent on destroying us with miscommunication and misdirection. They twist our intend, take us in a direction we do not wish and thwart our purpose in communicating with our friends, family and colleagues. It is a brilliant plan and we are doomed. Blessings on the success and launch of this series. Have a belssed day….. blessed day. Lawd!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha, no kidding, JW. 🙂 I still have my manual typewriter in the garage somewhere — I can’t bring myself to throw it out. I don’t know why. Will I still be writing if the grid collapses and civilization as we know it disappears? Ha.

      All electronics and appliances are in it together — like a plot or something.

      Mention a raise or a bonus in front of one of them to your peril. They will invariably break down, and not just one at a time.

      Blessed I am! Here come the students, ready for another day. Must scoot!


    1. Or else we had more energy then and just did things without regard for how much work was involved? Not sure.

      If “a book is judged by its cover,” we’re giving Miss Elliot the best possible relaunch sendoff.

      Ah, but the real question is whether readers are willing to embrace Jane Austen’s “Other Elizabeth.” Time will tell.


    1. Now there’s an idea that has never occurred to me!

      Tell you what, my high school writing students — past and present — would never let me hear the end of it! “Always move a story forward, not backward,” I tell them. “Think Star Wars, people …”


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