Bring on the Saturday Poll

So over on Facebook, I’ve got a thing going on in the Free Christian Books and More group.

The #SaturdayPoll.

I hate to say it, but so often Facebook groups are populated by authors, not readers. This is not the case with Free Christian Books and More. I have met many, many reading friends there.

Anyway, using polls I have a wonderful opportunity to find out what these readers think.

There are surprises.

For example, in this week’s poll — “What kind of ending do you enjoy most in a Christian Romance Novel?” — the lead response (so far) is for an ending with an Epilogue.

Who knew?

Also, there is support (so far) for the “Exciting Cliffhanger Ending.” (Not that I will EVER write another series like this, but it’s gratifying.)  Mercy’s Patrick and Elizabeth are thrilled.

Poll questions come from my observations as a writer, or story elements that I ponder, or even things that annoy me.

Here are some recent poll topics:

Week by week, I have been able to come up with a new poll. I think this is kind of amazing. Especially when I consider the state of my tired teacher brain! Ah, but summer is a-coming!!

Have an enjoyable weekend, my friend.

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