Blogging from A to Z Theme Reveal

How can I say no to the A to Z Blogging Challenge? All too easily, you might be thinking. Aw, where's the fun insanity in that? (It's my spring break from school and a new book is about to be released, so I'm feeling like anything is possible.) This will be Year 3 for me, … Continue reading Blogging from A to Z Theme Reveal

Liebster Award — Laura Hile blog

Imagine my surprise at receiving a Liebster Award from LinzĂ© Brandon of A Butterfly on a Broomstick blog. This is my first time to be chosen. The Liebster is given by fellow bloggers to help people discover new blogs. Why the heart? Because Liebster is German for beloved or special. The Liebster Rules: Answer the … Continue reading Liebster Award — Laura Hile blog

Pile on the Zazz

An older generation would call this Pizzazz, right? It's Glamour. Vitality. Magnetism. Excitement. Charisma. Zazz in a romantic comedy keeps readers turning pages. Like the x-factor, zazz is hard to define. But you know it when you see it, oh yes. So your story gots to have a sprinkling of zazz, see? I'll illustrate with … Continue reading Pile on the Zazz

Happy ending? Yes!

With romantic comedy, a happy ending is de rigueur. This means, dear writer, that it's expected. Romcom is, after all, escapist fiction, a beach read. The reader is looking to experience the swing and elation of falling in love, right along with your heroine. Yes, this includes happily ever after. If you prefer sad (or … Continue reading Happy ending? Yes!

That elusive X-Factor

It's an indescribable quality, really. Something attractive about a person that you cannot put your finger on. Urban Dictionary provides an example: "I don't know what it is; she's not that pretty, but has this x-factor which makes her very hot." In other words, it's what the French call je ne sais quoi. That captivating … Continue reading That elusive X-Factor

Workaday World

The ordinary, the ho-hum, the annoying---it's just another day. If your fictional characters work for a living, you'd better include a dash of reality in the workplace. Everyone knows that even "glamour" careers aren't glamorous. They only look that way from the outside---and your job is to tell the inside story. So include the slog. … Continue reading Workaday World

Toss him the Romcom ukelele

Even the most manly heartthrob hero needs an adorable quirk, complete with a lopsided smile. Because men are able to access the boy within, right? And we like seeing that playful side. So toss him the ukelele and let him sing. Or give him a baby to hold. Or a couple of nephews to run … Continue reading Toss him the Romcom ukelele

Suspension of disbelief

Suspension of disbelief is powerful. Readers long to be swept into the wonder of your story world. Sure, it's fiction. But your readers want it to be real. Don't let them down. As a storyteller, you must be trustworthy. Have your characters respond in ways that are reasonable, that make sense. You want readers absorbed … Continue reading Suspension of disbelief