A smiling kind of day

Photo: Parsstudio (Creative Commons Flickr)
“Put another candle on my birthday cake, I’m another year old today!” (Sheriff John) Photo: Parsstudio (Creative Commons Flickr)

It’s my birthday, and my Facebook wall has exploded with kind wishes. Many were from friends I know in person, but many more were from strangers who have become friends. And I’m smiling. It’s that kind of day.

EngageI blame the Engage thing. It’s the word I selected in January to characterize 2015. And then I kind of forgot about it.

But somewhere in my brain, Engage must have found a home. Because I’ve been doing that. Connecting with people. Choosing to be an encourager. Staying at it with my novel, even in small increments. Even when I’m out of ideas.

And Engage is bearing fruit. Today I…

  • Started a Facebook group for former students who still have the itch to write (thus fulfilling a resolution I made in ICU–how’s that for membership appeal?)
  • Had my cover design order confirmed
  • Began edits suggested by my genius beta reader
  • Replied to every person who wished me Happy Birthday

A lovely day indeed. My middle son, who is headed to camp to be a counselor, took me out for breakfast. And tonight, why, I’m going out for dinner with the rest of the family. Yes! What is it about food that someone else has cooked?

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. ~Erma Bombeck

6 thoughts on “A smiling kind of day

    1. There are a few who have the drive–and the writing chops–to go professional. A long road ahead, but writing is something we can do during our off hours.

      Then too, I run across many articles on writing, the same ones I have shared in class. Now I have an additional place to share. For me this is a stepping out venture. I’ve never been the head admin on any group. It’s up to me to find something to post every day.

      Something to laugh at and something thought-provoking.

      I have my fishies lining up, bless them. (They humored me! They came!) Now I need to feed them. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thanks so much, Dee. A happy day indeed. Now I’m back to work. The calendar is moving ahead and soon I will be back to teaching. “Edit and write while you still have time to think” has been my motto.

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