Day 30: Silver Screen Stuff & Nonsense!

DBAON-markIf a Hollywood producer came knocking on my door with an offer to turn Darcy By Any Other Name into a movie and told me that I could call all the shots…

How about this for the short list?

Director: Kenneth Branagh
Mr. Darcy: Chris Pine
Mr. Collins: Jack Black
Elizabeth Bennet: Kate Beckinsale

The tricky part is casting the two male leads, because each would have a dual role. Collins as himself is a pompous toad, but as Darcy he is funny and charming. Enter Jack Black.

Darcy is serious eye candy until Collins inhabits his body, and then he becomes a champion lip-curling pouter. Before our eyes Chris Pine (Robin Helm’s favorite) would have to become a peevish sniveler. I’m liking it.

Kate Beckinsale, who I’ve enjoyed since Much Ado About Nothing, has the chops to play Elizabeth. And I’m thinking Kenneth Branagh could catch the vision for the book’s humor, humanity, and romance.

If Hollywood ever does comes calling, won’t that be a lark? For now, it’s an idea to smile about. You know, stuff and nonsense for a Monday…

Kenneth Branagh
Kenneth Branagh
Chris Pine
Chris Pine
Jack Black
Jack Black
Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale

5 thoughts on “Day 30: Silver Screen Stuff & Nonsense!

    1. We’re getting there, Jen. Unfortunately, a full day of teaching saps my strength and means that I come home and lie down. One of these days the swinging gyroscope within my head will stop moving 🙂

      I am gaining strength and stamina week by week, however. Yesterday I went to an appointment (yes, another medical test is scheduled, sigh) and my pulse rate was 77–like a normal person’s! Not 109 or 99 (walking from the waiting room to the exam room used to bring a big rise.) So, yay!

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  1. I just reread Darcy By Any Other Name and thought Jack Black would make a hilarious Collins! But then I thought, ‘No, he’s not British.’ Then again, he was hilarious in Jumanji in a swap-er-roo role. I would love to see this book made into a movie! The actors would have a great time playing 2-for-1 roles, so let’s get this done! 🙂


    1. I don’t know about Kate as Elizabeth, though. She’s lovely and refined and all, but maybe not spunky enough? Let’s just get Elizabeth Garvie to time travel from 1980 BBC to now? No, that’ll never work. I’m going to have to think on this and get back to you.


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