Day 32: Hats off to my rooting squad!

Bianca Cappello De Medici and her Kindle! Photo: Mike Licht (Creative Commons Flickr)
Bianca Cappello De Medici…and her Kindle! Who knew? Photo: Mike Licht (Creative Commons Flickr)

Today’s prompt asks for shout-outs. Because nobody creates books in a vacuum. There are always first readers and behind-the-scenes encouragers.

Everyone knows about “Inklings” C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Together with fellow writers, they met over beer for years to share works-in-progress. I do the same thing using the Internet. No beer for me (it puts me to sleep), only coffee.

So…hats off to my support team for Darcy By Any Other Name.

  • Susan Kaye, who liked the original premise and urged me to begin
  • Robin Helm, unstinting cheerleader, who gave praise (or issued threats) when I lost heart or lagged behind
  • Gayle Mills, my “cold read” beta enthusiast, who likes l-o-n-g books
  • Diana Oaks, JenRed, and the reading crew at Beyond Austen, who hang around every Saturday night to get the next installment
  • Tonia, Roslynn, and Debbie, pals from My 500 Words, who are readers outside my genre. They enjoyed the chapters I shared at our meet-up and gave me courage to cast a wider net. 
Tortoise in a top hat. Photo: StarsApart (Creative Commons Flickr)
Photo: StarsApart (Creative Commons Flickr)

The Tortoise in the Top Hat?  Is this the perfect representation for me or what?

Alas, I write too s-l-o-w-l-y. Working to change that, I am. My editing weekend was productive, hooray!

Thanks for stopping by!  You can see what the other challenge participants are up to here. Three (3) more days!

6 thoughts on “Day 32: Hats off to my rooting squad!

    1. A snail under the leaves is gathering strength. As I say, with a “boomerang” household, it’s a wonder you get anything done. Don’t lose heart–you’ve got a lifetime of stories inside.


  1. Laura,
    Loved this post and the photo! You’re so quick to give thanks. No waiting on this post. That’s just your style–quick to offer praise and deflect. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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