Mercy’s Embrace: So Lively a Chase is live!

That’s right, Book Two is here for you to enjoy!

Don’t you just love that smiling cover?

It’s time to celebrate!

Today Claudine is hosting an enthusiastic “Launch Day” review and an eBook giveaway at Just Jane 1813.  You’ll want to check that out.

And if you’d like to buy, thank you! Here is the purchase link at Amazon.

But wait, there’s more!

The first two Mercy’s books are now available on Kindle Unlimited. 

That’s right, this Christmas you can read to your heart’s content. Become immersed in the sparkling world of Mercy’s Embrace …  um, until you go flying over the cliffhanger ending of Book Two.

Yeah, series books can be like this.

I’m planning to release the The Lady Must Decide the week after Christmas, so your suspense will be short-lived — I hope. There are still a few things that must come together first.

Thank you for your interest in my books! Do stop by Just Jane 1813 and enter the giveaway. Oh, and the eBook prize is winner’s choice, either So Rough a Course or So Lively a Chase.


4 thoughts on “Mercy’s Embrace: So Lively a Chase is live!

    1. Two down, one to go.
      And then I will tackle the print book issues. Saving that for Christmas Break, when teachers recover the ability to, like, think.
      Or so we tell ourselves …


    1. Gayle, you girl! Thank you!

      You are a loyal friend, that’s what you are. Your support and encouragement has undergirded me all this time. Yes, I am out-of-my-mind crazy to launch all these eBooks in December — but I’m doing it anyway.

      The popular advice for authors is that December is disaster for book sales — but I’m doing it anyway. Scared and feeling shy and ill-prepared, we do stuff anyway.

      Here’s hoping that 2018 is our best year yet.


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