The day I wore Pajama Pants to Walmart

Thanks to Marianne Hawthorne for this fun meme
Thanks to Marianne Hawthorne for the meme. Click the image to see her Pinterest collection.

When snow and freezing rain hit the Pacific Northwest, we kind of lose our minds.

Hunker down!
The end is near!

Okay, so we’re not quite that bad. Thing is, we get snow every two to three years in this part of Oregon. It really throws us for a loop.

I ought to add that we do not salt our roads. That’s right; we’re the only state that doesn’t. And I recently learned that the de-icing chemicals we use are not effective when temperatures drop below 28 degrees. Brilliant.

No salt, no plow, no problem. I live on the corner.
No salt, no snow plow? No … uh … problem.

We are all kinds of crazy, yeah.

Which brings me to Walmart, early Saturday morning, just as a snowstorm hit.  The day I wore my jammie pants to go shopping. I did.

The’re black, and they used to be workout pants, but the thing is, I slept in them the night before. I threw on my long down coat (also black), a somewhat-fashionable scarf, and shoes. I was good to go.

walmart-pajamaSo now I am one of those “People of Walmart.” Even though ours is the neighborhood grocery store kind. And everyone there, though harried by the falling snow, was fully dressed. Below-freezing temperatures are helpful that way.

Darcy-By-Any-Other-Name-blogsz-2In other news, a sale and an e-book giveaway.  Tomorrow check out Anna’s review at Diary of an Eccentric and enter to win the Kindle edition of Darcy By Any Other Name. Even if you own this book, you should enter. If you win, I’ll gladly send the prize to one of your friends.

To celebrate, I’ve reduced the Kindle price by $1.00. Because ice and snow season is reading season, right? So let’s get down to business.

Laura Hile (1)
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16 thoughts on “The day I wore Pajama Pants to Walmart

    1. Agatha Christie said something about middle-aged and older women being invisible in public–probably in reference to Miss Marple. (Or Dorothy L. Sayers about her Miss Murchison.) Anyway, I am testing it out. 😀

      As long as my debit card works, nobody notices.

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  1. Not only have I worn pajama pants out in public, I own two lobg sleeve pajama tops that I routinely wear to work. They look like long sleeve cotton shirts and they are comfy and warm under a cardigan sweater. People give me compliments on them all the time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This made me smile. Let me know if you ever go to Walmart in REAL pajama pants. I’m not sure you are true “people of Walmart” material just yet. There is that little line still to cross.


  3. I don’t own PJ bottoms which could make a public appearance. However Lands’ End has the best loose fitting stretchy knit pants which are my comfy clothes when lounging around the house so that may be something you would see me in. Not tailored nor with a pressed crease but loose and covering a lot of sin. Yes, sin as in Dove dark choc. etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bwahahahaha, Sheila. “Covering a lot of sin.” Love that! I can relate.

      And my long down coat helped me out there. Without it, I would have worn the more respectable pair of jeans, albeit tight ones. Not by choice or because of style, but in consequence of, er … sin. 😀


  4. This just got me thinking that y’all would never want me to leave the house in my pj’s they don’t cover nearly enough… hahahahaha. People of Walmart indeed!
    Plus, if you recognize you may be a person of Walmart, doesn’t that instantly disqualify you? I think oblivious is one of the requirements.
    Thanks for sharing Laura!
    p.s. I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets caught in Walmart during snowstorms.


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