Weekend Writing Warriors #6


The pen IS mightier than the sword, Warriors. Even so, I wouldn’t want this mounted knight chasing me!

It’s Warrior Time!  Ten lines from a work-in-progress.

(Even though last week’s offering was, ahem, eleven.)

I’ll be sharing from As Only A Woman Can, a Pride & Prejudice-based romantic romp.

Our man Darcy has sent one of the rogue Valentines to his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam.

And now Darcy wants to know whether Fitz will be passing though the village where Elizabeth Bennet lives …

Darcy leaned forward. “I would like to have eyes and ears in a place called Meryton. The, ah, local militia is quartered there.”

“Militia,” scoffed Fitz. He reached for the bottle and refilled Darcy’s glass. “Mama’s boys in regimentals, that’s what they are. Swaggering it, as if they have seen action.”

“We have a mutual acquaintance who joined up in November,” Darcy said carefully. “You remember Bingley; he took an estate in the area. I’d hate to see trouble come as a result of our—friend’s—presence.”

Colonel Fitzwilliam lowered the bottle. “Which friend would that be?”


Fitz nearly spat. “Paugh! That devil. He would join a militia. Oh, he would. The coward!”

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If you’d like to read more
of As Only, follow the story
as I build it at Beyond Austen.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #6

  1. I love seeing things from Darcy’s perspective and not just Elizabeth’s. What a fun conversation. And we definitely didn’t see enough of Colonel Fitzwilliam in P & P. Fun snippet!


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