Day 34: When ‘Shake It Off’ takes a while

In nine days, it will be six months since I was admitted to ICU. Septic infection (urinary tract infection plus blockage caused by kidney stones) caught everyone by surprise. For five days (three of them while sedated on a ventilator), my body struggled to win the fight for life. And yet here I am, back … Continue reading Day 34: When ‘Shake It Off’ takes a while

Day 28: Social Media, baby!

For today's indie author, social media is the only game in town. It's the most effective way to promote my books. Most of my sales are ebooks. And with a series? An eager reader can get the next book right away. It's kind of perfect for word-of-mouth impulse buying. See it, click it, read it. Shazam! … Continue reading Day 28: Social Media, baby!

Day 22: Talk about an ideal endorsement!

My first books carried an awesome recommendation--that of beloved Austen author, Pamela Aidan. Anyone familiar with the genre will recognize the name, and will probably say that Pamela's books are among her favorites. I blush to tell you that I did not have to ask. Pamela offered to endorse my books simply because she is … Continue reading Day 22: Talk about an ideal endorsement!

Day 19: Meet Robin Helm, bibliophile

That's what today's prompt asks for: a "true bibliophile." I didn't have to go far to find one because my blogging pal fits the bill nicely. In Robin Helm's own words, here is how an avid reader comes to be. <><><> Reading has fascinated me since I was old enough to understand words. I am the … Continue reading Day 19: Meet Robin Helm, bibliophile

Day 16: Sometimes even coffee can’t help!

The most challenging part of my book process is also the most basic: the writing of it. Words from my creative mind to the page--yeah, that's the hardest. It all comes down to time, and to produce a book I cannot rely on summer breaks only. I must write during the school year. It's either … Continue reading Day 16: Sometimes even coffee can’t help!

Day 14: Editing, “for all intensive purposes”

Okay, so the title is a joke. It's "for all intents and purposes," although my high school students sometimes get it wrong. I hide a smile, fix it, and move on. Today's prompt asks about editing, which is what I am involved with now. As in right now, today. And it's like I'm operating in … Continue reading Day 14: Editing, “for all intensive purposes”

Day 8: Favorite Fictional People

Today's prompt wants to know which literary character I would invite for coffee and why. But--must I choose only one? Hey, how about one at a time? That's the way I prefer to entertain anyway. Good conversation and good eats. Off the top of my head, here's my guest list: For a hearty Second Breakfast: The Hobbit's … Continue reading Day 8: Favorite Fictional People

Day 6: My writing process

So you want to know about my writing process? Today's prompt says that you do. So here goes. I am a rewriter. This sorry truth means that I must rework everything I write. Everything! Emails, Facebook posts, chapters in my novel, and most certainly this blog article. Because I do this, it takes a long … Continue reading Day 6: My writing process

Day 5: We gots to read lots!

For the author--indeed, for anyone! --reading causes growth. What pleasure to experience another's storytelling voice and pacing and word patter. Between the lines, there are deeper currents going on. It's as if I am able to hear that author's heartbeat. A bridge of trust is built between us, and sometimes even friendship. And when I … Continue reading Day 5: We gots to read lots!

Day 4: Role models and mentors

Gaining a ready-made audience is one of the wonders of an on-line fan fiction forum. There is nothing quite like pushing that "Post" button and having a chapter go "live" for all the world to see. How grateful I am for readers who took the time to give feedback and encouragement, especially in those early … Continue reading Day 4: Role models and mentors